Gym Bag Must-Haves - 5 Post-Sweat Beauty Essentials

Gym Bag Must-Haves - 5 Post-Sweat Beauty Essentials

After workout beauty products are part of what keep me going back to the gym. I won't lie - I love working out, but that sweaty, un-fresh feeling afterwards can ruin it for me. Maybe you've been there. Maybe you're there right now. Don't cancel your gym membership just yet! Pack your bag the right way and you'll leave the gym feeling just as fresh as when you walked in. Here's what I always make sure to keep in my bag.

My Top Five After Workout Beauty Products:

  1. Dry Shampoo: Nothing gets rid of sweat and oil in your hair like a dry shampoo. I spritz it over my roots after a workout, work it in with my fingertips, and I'm good to go. Not only does it make my hair look better, it makes it smell better too. I like to go with a natural option to avoid dousing my hair with anything harmful. I use Beauty by Earth's dry shampoo for light hair, but they have one for dark hair as well.
Beauty by Earth Dark Dry Shampoo
  1. Natural Deodorant: I'm going to assume that I don't have to tell you why it's a good idea to pack deodorant in your gym bag! Instead, I'll just say that natural deodorants don't contain the dangerous chemicals that many conventional antiperspirants do. It took me a while to find a natural alternative that worked as well as I wanted, but then I finally found Primally Pure deodorant. It smells great, works perfectly, and is made of ingredients so natural that you can eat it (though that's not really something I'd recommend).
  1. Lip Balm: Whether you're working out in a climate controlled gym or battling the elements on your daily run, your lips can use a little love after exercising. I keep a stick of Beauty by Earth lip balm in my gym bag to replenish any moisture I lost while exercising.
Peppermint lip balm
  1. Sport Spray: Let me tell you, my life changed the day I added sport spray to my gym bag. I'm a huge fan of this spray by The Laundress. I spray it on my gym clothes, bag, and yoga mat between workouts. Its fragrance freshens my equipment right away, and its antibacterial properties keep additional odors (and other nasties) from building up. Best of all? It's completely natural.
  1. Facial Toner: The last thing I do before leaving the gym is give my face a good spritzin' with my Beauty by Earth Facial toner. It helps my face feel fresher and cleaner no matter how hard I've been working out. Natural facial toners like this one also hydrate your skin while balancing redness, which is just what I need after a great session at the gym. You can even spray it over makeup as a natural makeup setter!

What's in Your Gym Bag?

What are your favorite after workout beauty products? Am I missing something on my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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