Fighting Wrinkles Naturally

Fighting Wrinkles Naturally




As time passes and memories rich with expressions by way of laughter, conflict, or another become crystallized, it's hard to ignore their lasting impressions. But, you shouldn't curse every crinkle, line, or mark. Aging is a natural process that's universally felt as time passes. There are ways, however, to prevent and avoid speeding up the development of wrinkles. Nurturing your skin through these methods will help you gracefully embrace the next chapter. Here's how to fight wrinkles naturally, featuring some wonderful anti-aging products courtesy of Beauty by Earth.


Fine lines and wrinkles develop most noticeably in a dry environment. By adding moisture to your skin, you allow water retention—leading to a more supple, nourished complexion.

There are a number of ways to add hydration to your skin. A daily moisturizer will allow you to maintain dewiness throughout the day. At night, opt for a thicker anti-aging cream which will work its magic as it slowly absorbs while you rest. Serums and oils are also a great option to introduce hydrating nutrients to the skin.

Get Enough Sleep

The time we spend sleeping is the time for regeneration. If you aren't getting enough sleep, you are stunting your skin's ability to repair itself from things like UV exposure. Moreover, by impacting cell turnover you threaten your ability to maintain a subsequent youthful appearance.

Wear SPF

Did you know SPF could be considered an anti-aging product? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90 percent of visible changes to your skin are caused by photoaging. The sun's rays affect collagen, and repeated, unprotected exposure will lead to more "leathery" skin. Block out this damage by regularly applying SPF, multiple times per day. Even if you work indoors, your skin still will see the sunshine several times a day.

If you aren't a fan of the typical smell or feeling of mainstream sunscreens, Beauty by Earth's facial and body sunscreens are a great natural option, without any icky chemicals.


Stop Smoking

All-around, smoking is a terrible habit for your body. By regularly lighting up, you're threatening functions in multiple areas, including your skin. Smoking inhibits oxygen to the skin, dulling it and causing aging. When you stop, it eliminates further damage to your skin, as well as to the rest of your body.

Eat Well, Drink Water

A well-balanced diet chock full of nutrients will keep you feeling (and looking) your best. Focus on foods with things like omega-3s, vitamin D, protein, calcium, and probiotics to maintain the qualities of your skin. Making sure you are drinking plenty of water as this will help your body retain hydration and elasticity.

Fighting wrinkles naturally largely consists of making sure you're upholding healthful practices that directly correspond to skin quality. While aging is inevitable, it's important to be cognizant of the ways you might be contributing to the process. Show your skin and body some love and be sure you're taking care of them.

Embrace the times. Be kind to yourself.


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