Farm to Table Organic Recipes for Holiday Dinner!

Farm to Table Organic Recipes for Holiday Dinner!


The holidays are quickly approaching beautiful! We know you’re looking forward to some well-deserved downtime, and this includes some great eats with those you love. And in all your endeavors to show your family, yourself, and the planet some love – we know how you cook is no exception. Not to mention, who wants to get derailed off their healthy lifestyle with a few too many sprinkle cookies?!

Ok, we totally condone indulging in a *few*, but that’s not what this article is about! If you need a little inspiration in the cooking department this year, we’ve got you. To make things even better, we’ve found some killer recipes that you can make using organic ingredients from your local farmers market or grocer. Got your interest? Cool. We’ve got the best farm to table organic recipes for holiday dinner, right here.

Oh and p.s. let’s just put out a disclaimer now: the word delicious will likely be used an obscene amount of times in this article! So turn off the food network, and don’t worry about bothering your mom for the 16th time this week.

For the traditionalist in your life… Organic Honey Glazed Ham

We love encouraging you to buy local whenever you can, and that includes your holiday grocery supplies! Forget the big box stores, and hit up your local butcher shop to show some appreciation for this long-standing business in your community. Once you’ve got that perfect ham, the rest is a cinch! Check this out.

We are seriously drooling at this organic honey glazed ham recipe that only requires a bit of easy prep. The best part about this show-stopping main is that down to the spices used in this recipe, everything is organic or natural! For real, even the honey you use for this baby can be organically farmed! Who would have thought your classic holiday ham could take such a healthy turn? I mean, we didn’t but here we are!

For the vegetarian in your life… Organic Meatless Meatballs

If you want to pass on the meat this year (or know someone who does), we're here to tell you it’s completely possible to put together a farm to table holiday main dish recipe that does not require a trip to the butcher shop.

Consider making some organic meatless meatballs for the vegetarian in your life, or for anyone trying to cut back on their meat consumption! These guys are packed with nutritious veggies and an abundance of tasty spices. And get this: not only are they so easy to mix and craft into the cutest little spheres, you can totally freeze a batch for some easy cooking post-Christmas chaos. Add a bit of spaghetti noodles, and you’ve got yourself an easy no-brainer meal for those foggy few days between Christmas and New Years'. You’re welcome ;) .

Can’t Forget the (vegan) Gravy!

In our humble opinion, if there’s such a thing as a “cherry on top” for salty dishes, it sure as heck has to be gravy. What holiday meal could be complete without it? And while we know this is another one of those passed on for decades type holiday fixing, we think it’s cool if you want to shake it up this year. In fact, we encourage it!

This vegan gravy recipe is really some kinda wonderful. No really, your traditionalist won’t even notice this glorious sauce is any different than your great grandma’s. We definitely recommend making a generous side of this not only for turkey or ham, but for those scrumptious meatless meatballs if you’re into them! And hey, if you’re anything like us – you’ll likely smother gravy on pretty much anything on your plate (hence our advice to make extra!).

Every Main Needs Its Side…

This year, let your main dish shine! Let’s be honest, after cooking up a turkey or ham who even has the energy for extravagant side dishes?! So forget going overboard, and keep it simple yet nutritious with some organic roasted veggies.

Whether you’re into Brussel sprouts, brightly colored carrots, or comforting sweet potato – roasting these babies in the oven won’t require too much of your precious time or effort on an already way hectic day. We love this recipe, which includes just a few easy steps to getting the perfectly golden veggies you always wished for Christmas.

So hit up that farmers market of yours! Show some love to these treasured locals, and get your new signature side ready for your fam and faves.

Put a New Spin on a Classic Holiday Dinner Must-Have Side

If there’s one side we know has been a tradition for years for so many families, it’s the beloved green bean dish. And while we love how grandma does it, a fresh take on a cherished classic should be welcomed!

Switch things up this year with this sesame ginger green bean recipe. And of course, make sure you pick up those green beauties from your local farmers' market or community grocer! This recipe is not only a clean eat. It conveniently only requires a few seasoning ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. The ginger flavor gives this traditional dish a welcomed twist. On top of that, it actually compliments a sweet honey ham quite well (if we do say so ourselves!).

Wow Everyone This Holiday Dinner with an Organic Butternut Squash Casserole

Ok, were excited about this one. Out of all of our simple yet delicious organic recipes for side dishes in this article, this one might require a bit more effort, but it is totally worth it.

This dish is oh so comforting. Believe us when we tell you it will quickly become a family favorite if it isn’t already. And although it does require some slicing, dicing, and mixing – you'll be glad you did. The blend of spices in this casserole makes for a savory yet spicy side dish that screams holiday dinner. What’s more, organic honey and butter make the butternut squash fluffy yet rich, and wait – did we say delicious? We’ll say it again: DELICIOUS!

So if you have a little time to incorporate this classic organic recipe into your holiday dinner, check out your local market for the prettiest butternut squashes and get to cooking! We promise this casserole will not disappoint.

Stir Things Up with a Fancy & Organic Waldorf Salad

If you want to add a little bougie touch to your holiday spread this year, we’ve got just the thing. This salad is not only a real beauty to look at. It is absolutely packed with healthy organic ingredients, and it is full of flavor.

We won’t lie. What we love about this recipe is actually the presentation! Let's just say you get quite the fancy effect by sectioning off the gorgeous organic ingredients in the bowl. So appetizing, and so pretty! And seriously, don’t fret if you think this gem looks hard to make because it isn’t! All you need are some organic fruits and veggies for this beautiful farm to table organic recipe this holiday dinner.

If you or the kids are not a fan of fruit in your salad, we get it. But all is not lost on this one! Consider only making the tasty dressing that is found in this Waldorf salad recipe. All you have to do is mix up some sour cream, mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, and honey in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper, and voilà. This tangy yet sweet dressing goes great on any of your favorite salad arrangements!

Did you think we’d forget the organic drink recipes?

C’mon now. And yes, down to those holiday cocktails – you can absolutely incorporate some farm to… bar top recipes into your smashing holiday dinner this year. We’re psyched to show you how.

So many of us enjoy a screwdriver, or a mimosa when were having a drink during the holidays. Which of course, requires *drum roll please* juice. If you want to really stand out this holiday dinner, why not fresh press your juice? Have all your flavors of choice prepped and ready to go for all your cocktail needs. And if you really want to go the extra mile, there are tons of organic liquor options on the market as well!

It doesn’t matter what beautiful fruit you choose to juice either! This natural and organic ingredient adds a little "something something" extra to that classic vodka orange. Your guests are sure to notice how tasty their drinks are, and will definitely appreciate the natural sugar the morning after! We recommend making a batch for Christmas morning as well for the whole family to enjoy at breakfast or brunch!

We hope this article made you a *little* hungry…

Because hey, how great would these farm to table organic recipes for holiday dinner be if they didn’t, right? Whether you decide to try out a few of the gems above, or just choose to do your holiday grocery shopping locally – we applaud you, girl! And although it may seem simple to just purchase from your local farmers market versus that big box guy, we promise this makes such a difference for your community and the planet.

Lastly, we need to mention that farm to table organic recipes can be incorporated into your cooking style all year long. We promise that once you get the hang of purchasing fresh produce locally, you won’t feel the same eating a green bean from anywhere else! Buy what’s in season, and learn to get crafty with what your local farmer has to offer that week! For real, it kinda puts a fun spin on things, and ensures you don’t get the recipe blues! Because seriously, how many baked potatoes can a girl eat?

Let us know how you use local produce to make your favorite dishes down below! Or, how you’re planning on incorporating farm to table organic recipes for your holiday dinner this year. We hope you enjoy showing some gratitude and chowing down with your favorite people babe, you deserve it! Until next time, happy holidays from BBE who *you already know* loves ya.

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