DIY Diaper Rash Cream Recipe – Argan Oil & Shea Butter


Have you read your baby’s diaper rash cream label lately?  Next time you do, you will love our DIY Diaper Rash Cream Recipe.  It is so simple and yet so effective to handle that stubborn diaper rash.  No crazy ingredients or things that are  hard to come by.

We partnered with Better Shea Butter on this recipe.  Have you heard of Better Shea Butter.  They are the top sellers of several raw ingredients on Amazon, including Raw Shea ButterRaw Cocoa Butter and Zinc Oxide Powder.  They have a complete e-book with tons of easy DIY recipes.

Well, since we (as parents) have read the ingredients many diaper rash creams, we decided that we can do a better job by hand-picking a handful of high quality ingredients, mixing them up and slapping them on that cute little baby’s behind.  So here it is.

Diaper Rash Cream Recipe:

2 oz Raw Shea Butter

1 tbsp Organic Argan Oil

1 oz  Aloe Vera Gel

2 tbps Zinc Oxide Powder


10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil or your favorite essential oil.


Add all oils to the glass mixing bowl.  Using low speeds to start, with your hand mixer blend all ingredients together and continue to whip the oils until peaks start to form and you have a light, fluffy consistency.  Add the Zinc Oxide powder slowly and blend it in.

How to Use It:

Apply cream liberally to diaper rash and cover all nearby areas as well.

Shelf Life:

About 3 months.

So there you go.  Smooth that little bottom with only the best ingredients.

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