Cold Weather Beauty Rituals

Cold Weather Beauty Rituals


Temperature drops can mean a lot more than just opting to stay in and have that extra glass of wine on chilly nights. For most of us, our patterns and habits tend to switch up in the winter, and skincare is no exception. Ever noticed how you now suddenly need that extra layer of serum, pre-moisturizer when it’s freezing out? Or how your regular few and far between dry patches are now needing attention more often? All totally normal, babe. We’ve lined up a few natural, efficient, and easy ways to keep your beauty routine in check. Even when beach days seem like a lifetime away (wah, we teared up a bit there). No matter the season, BBE has your back. Keep reading to find out more about our favorite Cold Weather Beauty Rituals.

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Make exfoliating a priority in your cold weather beauty ritual

If there’s one thing we want you to know, it’s that making exfoliating a regular part of your cold (or hot!) weather beauty ritual is *key*.

For our dryer skin girls, you’ll want to make sure you only exfoliate when your skin is truly calling for it. If you don’t deal with severe dryness though, you'll love adding this step to your routine more frequently. Exfoliating will really help your moisturizer sink into your face and make you glow.

So, what should you look for in a star exfoliator? You’ll want a product that not only gently gets rid of dead, flaky cells. Your face scrub should include a variety of ingredients that also nourish your skin. An exfoliator like this guy that contains soothing aloe vera, as well as blueberry extract is what you need. This natural exfoliator will give you the rejuvenation your skin so craves in these cold months, without irritating it.

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In more ways than one...

But you know, why stop at our faces? If we’re going to really do this cold weather beauty ritual thing right, we need to take care of all of you! Dryness and rough skin can definitely get the best of the skin on our chest, legs, and essentially anywhere on our bodies during these winter months. This is why making exfoliating a part of your shower routine is also majorly crucial in curating your cold-weather beauty ritual.

We recommend using a natural, deliciously aromatic body scrub to ensure healthy glowing skin all over. Incorporating a scrub once or twice a week (basically, however, often your skin needs it) is key. Follow this step by applying a nourishing moisturizer, and you'll reap a boatload of benefits. No, seriously. From getting rid of bumps, to even preventing ingrown hairs. Not to mention, it will make you feel extra rejuvenated when you hop out of the shower.

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Ok woah, hang on a second. Can you believe we were about to finish up this section without mentioning what most of you are probably craving to exfoliate the most? If you are constantly applying lip balm to your dry lips, it’s time to rethink your lip care routine. Trust us on this, add in a nourishing lip scrub before moisturizing. After that, say goodbye to those irritating cracks that cold weather just loves to prey on.

Ok, now we can feel good about moving on to our next cold-weather beauty hack.

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Invest in a serum to beat cold weather dryness

On the real, we are big serum advocates around here. That’s because the benefits of adding an effective serum to your beauty routine are numerous. Moreover, the best part about these benefits is that they become thoroughly apparent after only a few weeks of using the product. Smooth, moisturized, glowing, healthy (we could go on forever) skin are some of our favorite side effects from this beauty ritual wonder.

During dry months, serum becomes even more of an essential for keeping your skin bouncy and supple. So if you aren’t using a serum already, we ask you, um… why the heck not? And if you are, snaps for you girlfriend.

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If you’re ready to take the plunge, read on. Or maybe you’re just looking to switch up what you’re currently using. Either way, we recommend opting for an antioxidant-packed product. This type of serum will not stop at deeply moisturizing your skin. It will also do a stellar job of protecting it from fine lines and wrinkles. Think about reaching for a serum with rich vitamins A, and E. And of course, naturally nourishing ingredients to get the most of out this product in your routine.

Before we move on, here’s a little pro-tip. If you want to make sure you’re not irritating fragile skin during the winter months, listen up serum queens! First, dispense a few drops of the product into the palm of your hands. Rub them together to really warm up and activate the ingredients in the product. After that, instead of rubbing the serum all over your face – simply pat it into the skin. You’ll reap the same benefits, the product will sink into that cute face of yours – sans irritation or redness.

Switch up your face mask game to fit your cold weather beauty ritual

We know that so many of you (us included) reach for a facemask to get rid of breakouts, tighten pores, or to simply get your skin to glow up. And although all of that is way ok, facemasks can also be used to hydrate your skin.

Investing in a gentle, yet highly hydrating facemask is an easy way to ensure your skin is not thirsty this holiday season. If you’re looking for a way to give your face a little extra love during these cold months, and have an extra 10 minutes to spare – add this to your cold-weather beauty ritual, babe.

If you’re down with exfoliating, we recommend using a mask on the days where you’re flaking away dead skin. Follow your exfoliating routine with a facemask to really allow this product to work its magic. Of course, finish off with your favorite natural moisturizer. You’ll then find yourself wondering why you ever even considered paying for a facial in the past. We got you.

Hands and feet in need of some extra cold weather love?

If you’re looking to create a cold-weather beauty ritual that really has you feeling like your bathroom just turned into a legit spa, this next one is for you. Pour a cup of warm comforting tea, and get ready to enjoy this cold weather beauty hack.

Whether your hands and/or feet are feeling *extra* cracked or dry, consider using paraffin wax to get them back to their baby-smooth original state. We love this magical substance for so many reasons. First off, it’s completely natural and can be used at a low temperature for all our sensitive skinned beauties. What’s more, soaking your hands and feet in this luxurious wax will not only make them ridiculously soft. Paraffin wax is heaven-sent for several reasons. Particularly if you suffer from poor blood circulation, or numbness in your hands or feet, which can become more common in colder months.

Image of feet inside of a paraffin wax bath as part of cold weather beauty rituals

Paraffin wax baths can be purchased inexpensively online, and are overall easy to use. Consider incorporating this little luxury into your life a few times a month to keep your extremities smooth, and healthy.

Make sure the air in your home is *dare we say it*, moist

Ok, so let’s say you’re doing everything right. You’ve incorporated most or all of our tips above for the perfect personalized cold-weather beauty ritual. You’re sitting in your paraffin wax bath with a hydrating facemask on, still feeling dry as a cactus, and thinking to yourself – “what gives?”

Well, first we’d like to recommend that you make sure you’re doing good in the H2o department. A.k.a. make sure you’re getting all the internal hydration you need by drinking lots of water during the winter season. Water consumption on lock? Good. Here’s what else could be making all of your beauty efforts feel like a waste.

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The air in your home. No matter how grand your moisturizing efforts, if you’re living in an environment where the air is dry – well, you’ll feel dry too. Consider investing in a humidifier to mitigate dry skin, dry throat, nose irritation, heck even sinus congestion! The benefits of using one of these babies are numerous. And hey, it just might be the solution your skin’s been crying out for all along.

If you think investing in one of these gems might be the solution to your dry skin, there is a myriad of options available online you can check out. Just be sure to keep this baby clean and sanitized to ensure you’re breathing in the best air possible at all times.

And finally… Listen to your skin, it will tell you what it needs!

This is how the cookie crumbles, friends. Although we love giving you the latest and greatest tips and advice on how to keep your natural beauty game in check, the truth is that sometimes, you have to do you.

Learning to listen to your body, and notice when your skin is looking a little drab, is an art every BBE babe has to master at some point in her life. When you wake up in the morning and head into the bathroom to brush your teeth and do what you gotta do, take a minute or two to assess how your skin is looking and feeling.

Is it dry? Add in that serum. Is it looking a little oily, possibly from products that were applied the night before? Give it a good, gentle cleanse. Complexion looking kinda dull and tired? No sweat, take 10 minutes to add-in a facemask. It may seem overly simple, but so many of us fail to just pay attention to what our skin needs (no matter the season) because we lead such hectic lives.

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Until next time babe...

We hope we succeeded in giving you a few solid staples to add to your very own personalized, cold weather beauty ritual. And if we missed anything, we want your input gorgeous! What’s your go-to way of staying naturally beautiful during these cold months? Let us know down below! As always, BBE loves ya and loves to hear from you <3

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