Can I Self Tan While Pregnant?

Can I Self Tan While Pregnant?


You might be surprised to learn that we get this question quite a bit. Actually, like, a lot. And while we love answering each and every one of the inquiries you send us (seriously, we *live* to be your besties in all things natural beauty), we thought we’d dedicate an entire post to addressing this pressing question once and for all: Can I Self Tan While Pregnant?

The short answer is yes.

Here’s the good news, babe: even if you’re a little or a lot preggo – our self tanner is considered okay to use during pregnancy, but of course consult with a doctor or midwife if there is any concern.

This is mainly because the ingredients in our self tanner do not penetrate your skin, and instead only darken the surface of it.

Rubbing on a little self tanner before bed, though? That’s cool. In fact, it might even help your skin and self-confidence more than you think!

Don’t just use any self tanner though, mama.

If you’re going to use a self tanner (not only while pregnant but in general), why use anything less than a product that is packed with nourishing ingredients and that won’t leave you looking like you belong on a Willy Wonka set.

Lucky for you, BBE has *the* lineup of vegan self tanners that any rookie to seasoned at-home tanning junkie can love. From our beloved OG cream formula to our new mousse version, our self tanners are the perfect gift for any mama to be.

All of our self tanners are loaded with antioxidants and soothing aloe vera. Which essentially means that you won’t only be tanned and gorgeous. Your skin will also feel hydrated and nourished as well. You know, it's basically like the ultimate multitasking body product you need during this hectic time, mama!

What’s more, any mom can feel good using BBE self tanner knowing it's crafted with all vegan, plant-based ingredients, even our DHA is derived from Sugar Beets!

BBE’s self tan options won’t leave you smelling, um, questionable, with subtle hints of coconut coming through, you'll be sure to love this light scent! Seriously beautiful, this is the pick me up you’ve been waiting for while preggo! No downsides involved!

Prioritize clean ingredients in your entire tanning routine.

If you’re considering giving yourself a natural sun kissed glow at home during pregnancy, it’s worth thinking about your entire self tan routine while you’re at it. Skin sensitivity naturally increases during pregnancy, therefore it is an important time to use ingredients that won’t cause irritation.

Opt for organic products to prep your skin, like BBE’s body scrubs. These babies will get rid of any dead skin, and make your skin feel ridiculously smooth. On top of that, you’ll be sure your skin is prepped and ready for that self tan application afterward. No blotchy spots, and no unevenness. Just glowing, natural results – we promise!

Pro tip: Invest in a facial scrub as well when it comes to curating the perfect at-home self tan routine. The same benefits mentioned above apply, but the delicate skin on your face deserves something special. Something like BBE’s superfruits & chlorophyll facial scrub, in fact.

Enjoy the confidence boost a little at-home self tan can give ‘ya.

There you have it. The answer to the *burning* question so many babes have had and will have: "Can I Self Tan While Pregnant?"

Let’s be real here, girlfriend. Moods and emotions can vary even on our best of days, let alone when you’re about to give birth to a tiny human. And sometimes, a little self tan can give you that extra bit of confidence you need to get through the day! Hey – you gotta do what you gotta do, boo.

Of course, before using any new products during your pregnancy you should always consult with your doctor. Once you’re in the clear, though? Click add to cart on the clean self tanner everyone and their mama is talking about (no pun intended).

Until next time you pregnant goddess, you.

Carey <3

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