Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core

Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core


Lately, our social media feeds have been flooded with dreamy countryside scenes and peasant dresses that make us want to live out a real-life fairy tale. Not to mention, the endless sourdough recipes that have us craving a time when life was just a little simpler. If you haven’t heard of the “cottage core” trend yet, there is a high chance that you may have swooned over décor or clothing with this aesthetic without even knowing it. And while visually this trend is warmly appealing, the ethos behind it is even better. If all these pretty words have you intrigued, keep reading babe. We’ve taken a break from baking and shopping for eyelet lace pieces to bring you a Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core.

Image of a typical cottage core home in the countryside. Image taken by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Let’s start with a simple breakdown of what cottage core really is…

Simply put, the cottage core movement encourages us to step away from our screens and to embrace a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle. Not only does this mean becoming more in tune with nature around us, but it also includes reassessing everything from the fashion we wear to how we garden and of course, how we cook.

Cottage core room interior

Cottage core has recently become more popular than ever. TikTok and Instagram have played a huge role in this, making more and more eco-conscious babes embrace this way of life. Visually, cottage core is mostly a tribute to the traditional English countryside. Essentially, it is greatly inspired by a romanticized version of the western agricultural life of yesteryear. You may have also heard of “farmcore” and “countrycore”, which are also known as other cottage core type idealizations.

We wouldn’t be keeping it real if we didn’t admit that some of these idealizations are problematic. I mean, we can’t pretend that rural farming life was all peaches & teacups, #amirite? And although the cottage core movement has been criticized for this, at a basic level we can get behind the idea of simply living cleaner and appreciating the earth around us.

The babes leading this whimsical trend…


From pie recipes that would give your grandma’s baking a run for its money to gorgeous vintage finds, we can’t get enough of this cottage core TikTok star. If you’re looking for cooking and baking inspo, you’ll want to follow cozyteatok on the regular.


If we had to name an influencer who has made us fall in love with cottage core fashion, it has to be this babe. From corsets to simple everyday dresses, we are loving the style inspo Lauren consistently puts out on her TikTok page.


As if the big cuddly dog wasn’t reason enough to follow her (hey, to us it is!), Aclotheshorse gives us a healthy dose of the cottage core vibes we are currently living for. We can’t lie. Her dark moody pictures make us want to pack our bags and live in the woods with a giant furry friend of our own!


Let’s just put it this way. Jesca sure makes us wish it was fall all year long. Whether it’s putting together a delectable puffed pastry or decorating with all of the oranges on the color wheel, this babe’s aesthetic is exactly why the cottage core trend has us all up in our feels! Oh and, her cute cat sure doesn’t hurt our obsession with her page either!

Dark cottage core vs. light cottage core

Did you know there was such a thing? Well babe, luckily you’ve got this Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core to tell you that there is. Check out the contrast between “dark” cottage core and “light” cottage core. The aesthetic can range from similar to vastly different by using dark and moody tones. Ps. Don’t forget to drop us a comment down below to tell us which is your fave!

Cottage core fashion you’ll swoon over…

Another reason why we love the cottage core trend so much is because it promotes investing in timeless pieces that won’t go out of style (or end up in a landfill). What’s more, it also teaches us to style the same pieces in several different ways and to embrace the art of seasonal layering. Plus, we kind of must admit that we are suckers for the dreamy floral prints and crisp wearable cottons. Check out how easy it is to pair a few go-to pieces and to be cottage core ready in a cinch…

Cottage core décor that will make you want to spruce up your home, pronto.

Alright, BRB. We’re heading out to remodel our office cottage core style, babe. How dreamy is this set up? I mean, talk about the prime work from home space that will make you feel relaxed and productive!

Cottage core décor is *ah-mazing* for a few reasons in our books. Firstly, the best way to achieve the right cottage core aesthetic is to use older, recycled items that are either antique, weathered, or unique. You can hit up your local thrift shop to find the perfect items – or your grandma’s basement!

Image of a kitchen that is decorated with the cottage core trend.

Additionally, this trend makes going retro look dreamy to say the least. We never thought we’d be loving green kitchens and yellow tiles but babe, it totally works! And speaking of green, since the whole premise of cottage core is to appreciate nature and agriculture, an easy way to incorporate this trend into your space is to bring greenery into it. From plants to a vase of fresh flowers, adding natural décor to your home is welcomed. Oh and babe, when those flowers are starting to look weathered, hang them to dry to use them again for even more cottage core flair!

If you want to create a cottage core nook in your kitchen (you know, before you get carried away and go about styling your entire house), you can do so easily by putting some of your go-to ingredients on display. Mismatched decorative jars are all you need to create a little whimsicality. Not to mention, they are super convenient for everyday use.

Gorgeous art that encompasses this trend…

Cottage core expands far beyond food, clothing, and décor. And the truth is, that this Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the breathtaking art this trend has helped bring to light.

We love following Lauren Kaufman to indulge in some cottage core art that always brightens up our feed.

And speaking of art, this trend even favors creating your own paint and tools for your next masterpiece. Pretty impressive (and pretty green), right?

Recipes that embody simplicity and deliciousness.

If you can’t get into the cottage core fashion, don’t despair babe. This trend can still be for you in the recipe department. And if you can’t get into homemade pies and hearty soups, we’re not sure if we can be friends anymore. Check out these cottage core approved recipes below that prioritize using cozy, natural, and whole ingredients.

Cottage core skincare your beauty routine has been missing…

What kind of Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core would this be if we didn’t include skincare products that get back to basics? Our ingredient lists always favor what is natural, simple, and good for you. That being said, there are a few BBE classics that we consider totally on-trend with cottage core principles.

Classic lavender products that will take your cottage core skincare routine to the next level…

Image of beauty by earth's lavender citrus foaming face wash

The Lavender Citrus Foaming Face Wash

Loaded with nourishing essential oils, this everyday essential will have your pores feeling squeaky clean without ever drying your skin out. On top of that, washing your face will feel like a dream thanks to the calming properties of lavender. When it comes to cottage core approved cleansers, BBE’s lavender citrus foaming face wash is where it’s at.

The Lavender Citrus Body Wash

Ditto for this body wash, babe. Forget about drying out your skin with cleansers that are packed with chemicals that you *so* don’t need in your life. Sudding up in the shower is a relaxing ritual with BBE’s lavender citrus body wash. Because isn’t cottage core all about appreciating the small things, after all?

Image of the BBE lavender citrus body wash, an essential cottage core skincare item.

The Lavender Citrus Body Scrub

Get rid of dryness with a luscious scrub that infuses moisture back into your skin as you exfoliate. We used simple, clean ingredients like orange oil and Vitamin E to get your skin glowing, soft, and healthy. Make BBE’s lavender citrus body scrub a part of your nighttime bath routine and drift off to dream those cottage core dreams, baby.

The only facial oil you’ll ever need to get glowing & radiant…

In the cottage core world, less is more gorgeous. And when it comes to your simplified skincare routine, adding in a nourishing facial oil like BBE’s Glowing & Radiant Luxury Face Oil is all you need to get the skin you’ve always dreamed of. Simply apply a few drops of this facial oil morning and night after you’ve cleansed with your lavender citrus foaming face wash.

Image of a woman using a BBE facial oil.

The hair brush you’ll keep for years…

We’re looking for sustainable items here, babe. And your hairbrush is no exception. Forget buying plastic items that don’t last and that end up hurting the earth. BBE’s boar hair brush is the perfect cottage core-approved alternative for your locks.

The mineral facial sunscreen that is reef safe, and that you’ll reach for every day…

We know we keep saying this, but less is more babe! And having a skincare routine that favors sun protection and more minimalism is the kinda “more” we are talking about! Add a BBE mineral facial sunscreen to your simple beauty product collection. You’ll be moisturized, protected from harmful UV rays, and well on your way to mastering a skincare regimen your favorite cottage core experts would smile about.

Image of a BBE SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen Stick.

Signing off to get back to our cottage core daydreaming…

We hope you enjoyed this Beginner’s Guide to Cottage Core and that you picked up a few pieces of this trend to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle. Acting in an eco-conscious way can indeed look and feel fabulous, and the cottage core aesthetic proves that!

Pumpkin pies & Peasant dresses,

Carey <3

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