Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now


Welcome to beauty junkies anonymous, babe! Just kidding. There’s nothing anonymous or secretive about our obsession with all things natural beauty around here. And here at BBE, we love staying in the know and bringing you the latest and greatest beauty products you didn’t know you needed… until now.

A Charcoal Face Bar

Want to take your shower game to the next level? This first must-have on our list of beauty products you didn’t know you needed until now is a game-changer.

Forget making a mess every time you try to take off all of that glam in the sink. Instead, reach for a natural charcoal face bar to get your skin squeaky clean the easy way. With ingredients like coconut oil and peppermint, this bar will leave your skin feeling detoxified, fresh, and never tight like some other soap bars out there.

Two hands holding the BBE charcoal bar, a beauty product you didn't know you needed until now.

What’s more, you can use this little guy all over your body, not just on that pretty face. Since it’s such a multitasker, we especially love this charcoal bar for travel and everyday convenience.

Trust us when we say this refreshingly scented bar will quickly become an essential part of your shower routine, babe!

A Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Stick

If the idea of wearing heavy makeup in scorching hot weather gives you melting anxiety – we feel you. And because we’re always looking out for you the way real friends do, we’ve got just the beauty product you need in your life to fix that. This next natural product will allow you to finally ditch that foundation in the hot summer months.

All Sunscreen Sticks - Beauty products you didn't know you needed

First off, let’s admit that most of us are always on the hunt for an SPF that can protect our skin from the sun without leaving us feeling like grease balls. That being said, finding the perfect facial SPF in itself is sometimes a mission! Add on the need for some lightweight coverage, and this magical product may seem impossible to find. Not so fast though, in comes the BBE tinted mineral sunscreen stick. The product that will change your summer makeup routine for good!

All you need is a few swipes of this easy to apply product, quick blending with your fingertips, or a damp sponge and voilà. Not only are you protected from those harmful rays, but you’ve also got some natural-looking coverage that pairs perfectly with a touch of concealer wherever you need it! We know we know, you’re welcome.

Meme of the nanny named Fran that reads "When your friend says she only wears sunscreen during the summer", with Fran responding "Honey, let me impart some wisdom on you".

Your Very Own Collection of Toxin Free Nail Polish

These days, who has the patience to go to a nail salon or (let’s be real) to even leave the house?

And while we get how easy it can be to #stayhome and forget about our extremities, don’t go thinking we’ve forgotten about just how amazing a good mani or pedi can make you feel. Instead of lining up to see your nail tech, curate your own lineup of beautiful yet toxin-free nail polish so you can pamper yourself right at home!

There are several natural options out there for safe nail polish, but Lights Lacquer is pretty bomb if we do say so ourselves. We especially love how they are cruelty and toxin-free, not to mention how their wide brushes get the job done. From dreamy pastels to hot neon hues, there’s something for everyone in this collection. What’s more, their nourishing treatments will do wonders for strengthening those nail beds, girlfriend.

Image of the Princess Peach collections from Lights Lacquer.

So grab yourself a foot file, and then get to painting. With colors like these, you’ll be way motivated to perfect those manicurist skills in no time.

The ultimate mid-week beauty essential... a bath bomb stash.

Some of us are bath bomb junkies (ok, guilty as charged). While some of us forget just how crucial this next must-have beauty product is to our cabinets!

Picture this. It’s Wednesday night. You’ve *already* had a tough week and you’re looking to have an hour for yourself that will recharge you for the rest of the week ahead. Nothing like a bath and a glass of Pinot to bring you right back, #amirite?

So here’s the thing. A bath without a bath bomb, well – it’s just not a bath at all if you ask us! Now, if you make sure your bath bomb stash is always in check? You’ll never have to worry about being in such a conundrum, gorgeous.

Suffice it to say, you need a bath bomb kit in your life. And not just any bath bomb kit. You deserve the best. And BBE’s bath bombs? Well, they’re full of natural, nourishing oils, and they are unmatched.

Click add to cart on these babies, ASAP! And while you’re at it, store them in a gorgeous case right near that bathtub of yours to remind yourself to take that time you so deserve, whenever you can.

Video reel of the BBE bath bombs, a beauty must-have.

A Body Scrub… for more reasons than one.

You might think body scrubs are only good for getting some dead skin off your gams once in a while. However, we’re here to tell you that a good weekly scrub down can do way more than that! Check out this next essential on our list of beauty products you didn't know you needed until now.

First off, we need to mention that adding a luscious body scrub like BBE’s coffee or peppermint tea tree gems to your self-care routine will make you feel way good. And that in itself is enough for why this sometimes forgotten item deserves a spot on our list of beauty products you didn’t know you needed until now.

However, the more technical reason why you truly need a good natural scrub in your life at all times is quite impressive. Let's just say, it's for way more than making your skin glow on the surface.

Image of a happy BBE customer smelling the delicious peppermint tea tree body scrub.

The right body scrub will do wonders for other skin issues such as ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and will totally improve poor skin cell turnover. And by right, we mean one that is packed with nourishing oils, natural exfoliating properties, and ingredients both your skin and the earth will love.

For all the reasons listed above (and the delicious smell of these babies) – we highly recommend you add one of these to your own list of must-have beauty products, pronto. We've got your back, available in 4 scents. Lavender Citrus, Coffee & Sugar, Peppermint Tea Tree, and Vanilla Coconut!

A Serious Hair Towel

If you’re doing big girl things (which we know you are), you need yourself a hair towel that does more than also serve as a body towel. For real girlfriend, it’s time to invest in a serious hair towel.

Forget risking your blowout, and wrap your hair up in something that was actually made to protect it! A gorgeous hair towel from Aquis is just what you need to step up your hair game. Not to mention, to stretch that enviable hairstyle babe.

What’s more, we think this item is a must-have especially for those nights when you want to show your locks some extra love and sleep in your hair mask. No one wants to wake up with stained pillowcases, or knotty hair. So next time you soak your pretty head in coconut oil, wrap it up with a towel that will ensure your locks are socking up all of that nutritious goodness.

Image of a black Aquis hair towel on a pink background, a beauty product you didn't know you needed until now!

Believe us, this is the kinda beauty gadget you buy and wonder how you ever lived without after using it only once!

An unexpected beauty must-have... the Konjac Facial Sponge

You probably think using your good old fingers to wash your face does a fine job of cleansing those pores. However, there’s a better way! *Queue “the more you know” music*.

This next game changer on our list of beauty products you didn’t know you needed until now will take your cleansing game way up. For real. You’ll be like "fingers who?"

Konjac facial sponge by Beauty by Earth

It’s no secret that we love beauty tools around here. Plus, we have the lowdown on each and every one of them you’d ever want to know about, right here. But if there’s one little guy we think you need to add to your collection, and that is totally underrated – it’s gotta be the konjac sponge.

Konjac sponges contain a variety of vitamins — think A, E, D, B2, to name just a few. Using one of these to clean your face won’t only get it sparkling, but will nourish it at the same time! Talk about a star multitasker, right? So add one of these to your cleansing routine, and watch how easily it helps remove makeup and dirt.

Image of the BBE konjac facial sponge pack.

Oh and once you’re hooked? Let us know down below how much we told ya so!

A cute cap for those not so cute hair days…

Last on our fabulous list of beauty products you didn’t know you needed until now, isn’t well *technically* a beauty product. But look, you need this and we’ll tell you why.

If you’ve ever had a bad hair day, or couldn’t triple up on dry shampoo – we feel you. We’ve all been there. But the truth is that these torturous days could totally be avoided with one simple item. An item that every BBE babe should have in her closet.

Pick up a cute baseball hat for those days when washing your hair feels akin to climbing Everest. You’ll be out the door in 30 seconds flat. And don't stress: no one will know you’re having a little, uh, situation under there.

Simple? Yes. Genius? Also yes.

Image of the new BBE merch, including the Glow Away t-shirt and the Ran out of Dry Shampoo baseball hat - total beauty must-haves.

Ready to feed your natural beauty junkie addiction?

We hope you found an item or two in this list of beauty products you didn’t know you needed until now that you can get excited about! And if you did, we want to know all about just how much you loved it!

What are some natural must-haves you're currently obsessed with? Better yet, what are some products you’ve put your friends on to that they now can’t imagine a day without? Tell us everything, because we love to hear from you beautiful.

Until next time! <3

Online orders & good hair days,


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