Beauty by Earth's Look for the Helpers Campaign Winner Announcement

Beauty by Earth's Look for the Helpers Campaign Winner Announcement



Look for the Helpers

We asked you to "Look for the Helpers" in your community, and you did just that. Our hearts were left full from reading all of the amazing entries. From health care workers to public safety devotees, to counselors, and everyone in between. We can say with complete certainty that selfless spirits are indeed aplenty amid these unfortunate times. In this post, we'll be announcing Beauty by Earth's "Look for the Helpers" campaign winner, as well as sharing some of the other inspiring nominees.

Meet Our Winner, Kim H.

Kim is a nurse currently treating COVID-19 patients in the hospital. She is also going to be getting married in the fall. The months leading up to the big day should've full of events and appointments, but, given the current times, she's had to reschedule and refocus on her patients. Melissa, her maid of honor and dear friend, expressed the amount of stress Kim has been under between the hospital and "I Do's."

Kim H, Look for the Helpers campaign winner, pictured holding a pumpkin

Kim was selected as Beauty by Earth's Look for the Helpers campaign winner. To help Kim find a moment of peace in all she's been through these past few months, we sent her an ultimate BBE relaxation kit. You can see her pictured with all the goodies below after coming home from a long shift. (That rose quartz roller is going to come in handy, for sure!)

Other Extraordinary Helpers

Although there could only be one Look for the Helpers winner, we wanted to share a couple of the stories of the other nominees. These people are doing important work in their communities, and thus, they deserve all the recognition!

Liz W pictured stirring a pot

Liz W.

Liz is a chef at Our Daily Bread, feeding almost 500 folks that are homeless or need food assistance on a takeout basis daily.

Irene A posing with her family of 3 kids and her husband

Irene A.

Irene is a mother of 3 young children and a Montessori teacher for 6-8 year olds who is currently juggling creating/delivering her virtual lessons with schooling her own kids and keeping the house in order.


Matt D.

Matt is a police officer who takes his job very seriously. He is a dedicated husband and father who gives his family the best life—even while working extra days and long hours.

Lauran Bohman

Lauren B.

Lauren is working as a nurse with limited PPE in a hospital at the epicenter of the COVID pandemic. (New York City metro area) She frequently goes in for overtime to care for COVID patients.

Dandy and Ashley C on bikes with another girl

Dandy and Ashley C.

Dandy and Ashley both work full time, have a teenage daughter, and still manage to welcome foster kids into their home year round. During this time, they've been getting new kids at midnight, without info on the children's history or much notice. They're love, dedication, patience, and gentle compassion is truly inspiring.

Natalia Photo


Natalia is a nurse working in pediatric respiratory medicine. She's helping at-risk children and families navigate and avoid the virus. Additionally, she's testing for the virus and managing treatment in those who do test positive.

We are so incredibly thankful for our Look for the Helpers winner, Kim, and the nominators and nominees involved in this campaign. You've given us hope and inspiration in a time stuck by grief. Mister Rogers' mother was right—you will always find people that are helping.

Sending love to the helpers among us,


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