Beauty by Earth Products as Christmas Songs

Beauty by Earth Products as Christmas Songs


If you haven’t curated the perfect holiday playlist yet or need more gift ideas, you’re in luck, babe. There’s nothing quite like the warm and cozy ambiance some of these Christmas classics can create, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share a few with you. So before you head over to your Spotify app to put together a few tunes that will make opening presents and eating gingerbread cookies that much better, check out these Beauty by Earth Products as Christmas Songs for a little holiday inspo.

I’ll be Home for Christmas…

… With my bath bombs in hand, of course! Babe, the holiday season can get way hectic. Therefore, having a few of these gems in your bathroom is an easy way to make self-care sessions that much easier. BBE’s bath bombs bring the coziest vibes with them and will have you feeling more than happy to be home for Christmas – we promise.

BBE’s Healing Bath Bomb Gift Set is here to fill even the most humble of bathtubs with luscious, natural ingredients to leave you (or a special someone) feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated. Loaded with nourishing essential oils and hydrating ingredients like organic cocoa butter and Vitamin E, these bath bombs truly stand out from the rest. Oh and, they won’t just leave you relaxed. They’ll leave your skin feeling unreal too, girlfriend.

All I Want for Christmas is You…

… Or better yet, BBE’s new Bakuchiol products. Let’s be honest. This jam is arguably *the* most popular Christmas song of all time. Even babes who aren’t into holiday music can’t resist singing along to this one when it comes on this time of year! And honestly, this reminds us a lot of our Bakuchiol infused toner and serum. Even if you’re not skincare obsessed, you will be after using this dynamic duo!

Bakuchiol is better known as the natural alternative to Retinol. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this effective yet gentle ingredient will take your skincare game to the next level. Tighten your pores with a few spritzes of the BBE Bakuchiol toner, then follow up with the hydrating Bakuchiol serum that will have your cute face looking flawless.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

…To self tan at home, obviously! Alright, we’ll admit it. We think it’s the perfect time to self tan, all year-'round. But when you’re stuck at home and scared to brave the cold outside, it’s an even better excuse to get your glow on. It’s an instant pick-me-up and will have you forgetting all about how much you miss summer. Sincerely, we think self tanning is the most wonderful thing, babe.

When it comes to self tanner, BBE’s got you covered with a *slew* of options, sis. From nourishing lotions to easy breezy mists, we can help your glow game stay strong throughout the entire holiday season. And if you want to get into self tanning (or give the gift of glow to someone else), we totally recommend giving some of our expert blogs a read. You know, so you can be a self tanning expert, too.

No holiday playlist is complete without this classic: Run, Rudolph, Run…

… And don’t forget to bring me all of the BBE bundles. Trust us, babe, you’ll want Rudolph to deliver these bad boys, pronto. And if you’re having trouble figuring out what to get a few people on your list, these guys are the perfect solution.

The Face Basics Bundle

This one will please anyone, babe. This bundle includes the BBE superfruits & chlorophyll face wash and exfoliator that will have those pores looking squeaky clean. Plus, we added in our highly coveted oil control face moisturizer that feels like a peppermint dream on the skin.

The Dry Skin Bundle

Talk about a generous package, right? If you want to spoil the babe with dry skin in your life, this is the bundle you need. From BBE’s foaming face wash to our Glowing & Radiant facial oil, this lineup is complete with every product dry skin needs.

The Lip Care Deluxe Bundle

Babe, can you really go wrong with gifting the gift of soft lips? We didn’t think so either. This bundle is loaded with BBE’s nourishing lip scrubs and lip balms that are packed with moisturizing jojoba oil. Let’s just say, you might want to gift yourself one of these guys, too.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, babe…

And make someone else’s holidays a little more special with the gift of a glowing complexion. Next up on our list of Beauty by Earth Products as Christmas Songs is none other than our line of Vitamin C-infused products. And believe us, they will have your skin looking and feeling holly jolly, all year!

Gift this antioxidant-filled wrinkle-fighting power duo and make someone’s skin smile. BBE’s HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C toner and serum work wonders for even the most sensitive babes on your holiday gift list. We included powerful antioxidants in these formulas like broccoli seed oil and Vitamin E to diminish signs of aging and keep pores looking fab.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

Without any dry skin thanks to BBE’s luscious body scrubs. This time of year, everyone’s skin can use a little more TLC. And while we think you should regularly exfoliate your body, the colder weather definitely makes this beauty ritual even more important.

These exfoliating sugar scrubs revitalize dull skin for a radiant glow. Packed with thirst-quenching oils, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial agents, BBE’s certified organic scrubs will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. Smooth skin is just a scrub away, baby!

Feliz Navidad!

And if you’re headed anywhere warm and sunny where you just might be practicing your Spanish, you’ll need some of BBE’s unreal SPF products. From easy to apply mineral sunscreen sticks to reef-friendly moisturizing lotions, we have all the sun protection you need this holiday season.

After doing a little too much “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”…

Because babe, you know you will! And hey, that’s what the holiday season is all about. But after all of the drinks and all of the goodies, don’t forget to give yourself a little extra love. When it comes to reviving your skin, there is no better way than with BBE’s hydrating face mask.

Carefully formulated to extract the deep-rooted dirt and grime that lead to clogged pores, our natural facial mask is sure to leave your skin looking clean, bright, smooth, and hydrated. What’s more, we packed this bad boy with soothing cucumber extract, hydrating aloe vera, and essential oils that will have you feeling like you just left the spa. You know, sans annoying price tag.

Deck the halls with…

None other than rows and rows of BBE beauty tools. Jade rollers, konjac sponges, pumice stones – oh my! Babe, these tools are so much better than regular old holly! This year, deck the halls with skincare essentials that will step up anyone’s routine.

Or better yet, gift a bundle that contains a beauty tool and a BBE product in one! We love this Rosy & Radiant Duo that will revive even the most tired of eyes after they’ve spent the night waiting up for Santa to come down that chimney.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town, babe…

And we sure hope he is bringing you one of BBE’s beloved face moisturizers! This next classic on our list of Beauty by Earth Products as Christmas Songs is one that is always comforting and that never gets old. Just like any of BBE’s must-have facial moisturizers.

Whether you opt for a Vitamin C packed cream or a lightweight oil control moisturizer, the precious skin on your face will thank you, babe. And if you’re gifting one of these gems, they are sure to be a hit. Everyone needs a go-to moisturizer, and BBE has options that will suit everyone on your Christmas list. Want to learn more about how to pick out the right one? We’ve got you. Just click here!

Keep the holiday playlist going and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Because we’ll be inside staying warm and basking with a luxurious facial oil on! No matter how we try to spin it, we can’t deny that we love loading up on an abundance of moisturizing oils during the holiday season. Alright, fine – maybe that should read “all year long”. But babe, just like the song says “the weather outside is frightful” and we would rather be curled up by the fireplace with soft, smooth, and hydrated skin!

BBE’s luxurious facial oils make *the* best gift for the picky babe in your life. Whether you opt for our Glowing & Radiant oil or our Balance & Restore oil, you’ll be gifting someone a product that is packed with powerful antioxidants and that can quench even the thirstiest of dry, winter skin.

8 days of Christmas… the holiday jam from Destiny’s Child that we will *never* get sick of.

And as much as we’d love to see these babes reunite to make just *one more* Christmas album, we’ll settle for having this classic on repeat during the holidays (f-o-r-e-v-e-r!).

The BBE gift that will keep on giving and that you’ll reach for every day (beyond those 8 days of Christmas!) is none other than the Makeup Remover Mighty Trio. And let’s be real babe, you’ll be getting glam more than usual during the holidays. Meaning, you’ll be glad to have these guys around to leave no mascara behind!

Ready to enjoy this holiday season with a great playlist and all of your favorites from BBE?

We hope you enjoyed these Beauty by Earth Products as Christmas Songs! And most importantly, we wish you a holiday season that is filled with more than great gifts. Good food, good wine, and of course – good company.

From our BBE family to yours,

Carey <3

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