An Affordable, Worry-Free Fall Skincare Routine

An Affordable, Worry-Free Fall Skincare Routine


The seasons are changing, and so comes my fall skincare routine. Are you making any changes to yours? Your skin needs different nourishment in the fall than it does other times of year. Around mid-September I often find myself dealing with skin that's drier, duller, and more prone to breakouts. That's why I put together a new fall skincare routine. Here's what I do every morning and evening to make sure my skin stays at its best. As always, I prioritize natural products that are free of toxins and safe for my skin.

My Morning Fall Skincare Routine:

foaming face wash

Step One: Foaming Face Wash - I start my day fresh with Beauty by Earth's foaming facial wash. It makes sure my skin is clean, bright, and fresh. I especially love that this face wash leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.

Step Two: Natural Dry Skin Moisturizer - My next step is to apply a healthy layer of a natural moisturizer. This helps to replenish the moisture my skin loses to dry fall air.

Step Three: Eye Cream - Next I apply Beauty by Earth's eye cream. I love this one because it has coffee in it, which perks up the skin around my eyes while helping to reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkles.

Step Four: Rose Water Toner - I'll spritz my face with a facial toner to help make sure it stays balanced and feeling fresh. It also works great as a primer before applying makeup.

Step Five: Lip Scrub - My lips always start to feel a little dry once the seasons change. A sugar-based lip scrub helps to clear away dead skin while giving my lips a little extra hydration. I don't use a scrub every day, but I do use one a few times a week.

Step Six: Lip Balm - Last step! I make sure my lips are ready to face the elements with a quick swipe of one of Beauty by Earth's lip balms.

My Evening Fall Skincare Routine:

Step One: Facial Cleansing Cloth - Bye, makeup! I use a gentle cleanser (like Beauty by Earth's facial cleanser) to clear away dirt, grime, and makeup. Then I wipe anything leftover off with a cleansing wipe.

Step Two: Hydrating mask - Once or twice a week I make a point to spend some time with a hydrating facial mask. Depending on my needs, I'll either do a full mask or spot treat breakouts.

Step Three: Night cream - After rinsing off my facial mask, I'll follow up with a natural night cream. This gives my skin an extra layer of moisture over the nighttime hours.

Step Four: Lip balm - Wanna wake up with gorgeous lips? Apply lip balm before you go to bed! As the air gets drier, it's easier for lips to dry out as we sleep. A great natural lip balm helps prevent that.

What's in Your Fall Skincare Routine?

Are these routines right for you? Everyone has different skincare needs, but chances are that there's plenty of overlap between what works for my skin and what will work for yours. Try this routine and adjust as necessary to find the right method for your complexion. How do you take care of your skin as summer turns to fall? Any tips or questions to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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