Get a FREE Foaming Face Wash on orders over $65!  free foaming face wash on all orders over $65!
  • Get a FREE Foaming Face Wash on orders over $65!  free foaming face wash on all orders over $65!

Bundles & Kits

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  • When the sun is shining and you’re on the go, you want to make sure your skin is safe. We do too, which is why we created our exclusive sunscreen bundle. It’s a perfect pairing of our organic mineral sunscreen and our organic facial sunscreen.

  • A beautiful face starts with a beautiful cleansing routine. Take the fast route to clean skin with our Face Cleansing Kit. This natural facial cleansing set has everything you need for a clear, radiant complexion, including our facial cleanser, facial scrub, and facial konjac sponge set.

  • From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, your skin deserves the best. Packed with our makeup remover, face cleanser, face scrub, face mask, and facial konjac sponges, our natural facial care set has everything you need to keep on putting your best face forward.

  • Think you can’t get away from bad hair days? Think again. Our hair care gift set has everything (and we mean everything) your hair needs to look flawless. With dry shampoo, a detangling brush, and a boar bristle brush, you’ll be set to love your hair 24/7.

  • Are you sure you have everything you need for perfect skin and hair? Well, now you are! Our natural beauty gift set bundle has everything (and we mean everything) a natural beauty aficionado like you could want, all stuffed in a complimentary makeup bag. Hope you’re ready to get gorgeous!

  • Give the gift of a perfect complexion! Our natural skin care gift set has everything anyone could need to show their face a little love, including makeup remover, facial sunscreen, konjac sponges, and a hydrating facial mask. Best of all? It’s all 100% natural.

  • Send someone you love on their journey to feeling good and living well with a Gift Card redeemable for all Beauty by Earth natural beauty products. Our eGift Cards can be instantly emailed to the someone you care about or printed and delivered in person if that’s how you roll!

Showing all 7 results