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Top 5 Worst Ingredients For Skin – Natural Alternatives

On a mission to rid your beauty routine of the worst ingredients for skin? You’re not alone. But if you’re just starting out, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot of information out there. In some ways all that intel is a good thing – we all want to be informed. But… Read more

Natural Beauty Products

Over 1,000 Toxic Ingredients Banned in Europe But Not in US?

There are over 1300 substances completely banned from use in cosmetics (by the EU Cosmetics Regulation). A more recent set of regulations called REACH puts further regulations on more than 500 of those toxic ingredients. By comparison, the FDA has banned 11. Nope. I didn’t miss a zero there.

ingredients to avoid in skin care products

Organic Beauty

Top 10 Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care Products

How safe is your shower? If your soaps, shampoos, lotions, or other skincare essentials are filled with toxic ingredients, your daily routine is much more dangerous than you think. I’ve rounded up the top ten most problematic ingredients to avoid in skin care products – avoid them at all costs! Here are the Top 10 Ingredients to… Read more

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Is your sunscreen really safe? Or are you using toxic sunscreen?

It’s summer again and we all want to protect our skin.  And preventing sunburns on our kids goes without saying.  We don’t want to deal with the sunburn, sun spots and otherwise damaged skin. But at the same time, we don’t want to be spraying our kids with (and inhaling) toxic sunscreen ingredients.

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