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Self Tanner Stumped? See What These Beauty Bloggers Recommend

Is your self tanner one of the top self tanners of 2017? Is it giving you smooth and even coverage without turning you into an orange oompa loompa? Or is it weighing you down with missed spots and dark splotches? Turns out finding the perfect self tanner isn’t as tough as it may seem. At… Read more

Natural Beauty Products

10 Best Sunless Tanners – Get a Jump Start on Summer

This just in – we’ve been ranked among Ezvid Wiki’s list of the top 10 best sunless tanners! Have you tried it yet? If you have, then you know why it’s in the top 10. (And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) Check out the full list here. Why Beauty by Earth Has… Read more

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How to Use Self Tanner – 8 Tips You May Not Know

Ever wonder how to use self tanner the right way? You know, so you don’t end up with orange streaks and hands that don’t remotely match your body? I definitely have, especially in the past few weeks. See… it’s winter. And where I live, that means gloomy, rainy weather and temperatures a little too cool… Read more

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Natural Self Tanner – It’s Our New Favorite Thing For Fall

Keep That Summer Glow Alive with Our New Natural Self Tanner Summer is coming to an end. For some of us that means the excitement of getting back to school and gearing up for a great holiday season. For others it means saying goodbye to fun in the sun – and the beautiful tan that… Read more

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