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Vacay Tips for Tanning Safely

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How to Safely Tan for Vacation (+ the Harmful Effects of Sun Tanning)


  1. These are great tips I wish I would have followed as a teen. Now I have allllll the freckles because I loved to tan in the sun with the sun-in and lemon in my hair. Pfffttt.

    1. Oh man… I LOVED sun in! Summers were spent at the pool for sure and I went through the whole burning process just for that day or two of a tan until it wore off… To be a reckless teen again!

  2. Great post! 100% agree on getting the bronzed look from y’alls self tanner – its easier, safer and less painful lol. Also I think reapplication is the key for sunscreen, definitely where I could improve.

  3. Great article! This Self Tanner is pretty awesome, too – it’s the ONLY one I’ve ever tried that didn’t turn me four different shades of orange.

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