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Best Sunscreen? How to Pick a Safe and Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Well, we found an interesting blog written by Pure Bliss, a baby products brand located in Los Angeles, CA.  It covers how to pick the best sunscreen for your child as well as some vital information on sunscreens. There are as many sunscreens on the market today as there are toxic ingredients in them!  How… Read more

Get Rid Of Razor Burn

Clean Beauty Talk

Argan Oil For Skin, Get Rid Of Razor Burn

Argan Oil (also known as Moroccan Oil or Moroccan Argan Oil) has a million and one applications that benefit skin; and one of them is to get rid of razor burn. With summer officially here, us girls are sporting shorts, tank tops and bathing suits – so shaving is a must! The worst of course is when, no matter… Read more

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