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The Craziest Beauty Trends in History


History’s Craziest Beauty Trends

It’s shocking but true — the past is riddled with some seriously intense (hear “crazy”) beauty techniques. Think we’ve got things bad now with toxins? Just wait until you hear some of these truly wacky beauty trends. You’ll be thankful these are history.


Shaving Soap Bar for Body Hair – A Simple Guide

Have you ever tried shaving soap? If you’re a woman like me, probably not. Shaving soap, a vital component of the wet shaving method, is generally reserved for guys. Take a look for it online and you’ll find a pile of man-friendly scents (pine tar, anyone?). It’s such a shame, though. Wet shaving with a… Read more


How to Switch to a Natural Deodorant – You May Need to Detox

Now that I’m out the other side, it’s clear that the switch was worth it. My pits are happier, smell great, and aren’t being doused with toxic chemicals on a daily basis. You too can make the jump. Here’s everything you need to know about switching to a natural deodorant.

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