Benefits and Uses for Coconut Oil!

If there’s one natural ingredient we consider essential to have in your home at all times, it has to be coconut oil! From cooking to taking off waterproof makeup, this stuff is a major key to several life hacks you need to know about, right now. Not only is coconut oil so multi-faceted in helping… Read more

Instead of Resolutions Set Intentions

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Instead of Resolutions Set Intentions

Well friends, were happy to start this one off by saying that it’s almost time to put 2020 behind us and most of all, to start fresh. Now, don’t get it twisted. We think it’s important to reflect on the year that has passed and more importantly, to take away as much as we can… Read more

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Starting New Holiday Traditions

In case you haven’t heard it enough yet, we agree that this year has been quite the rollercoaster ride. With all the sacrifices, adjustments, and new routines we’ve had to adopt, finding comfort in old holiday traditions may seem like just what some of us need right about now. On the other hand though, if… Read more

Clean Beauty Talk

Teas for Glowing Skin

We’ve uncovered the best teas for glowing skin that you needed to know about like, yesterday – but we’ll settle for right now. At the top of our “always in style” list of beauty trends, glowing skin is definitely our chief contender. Since we are natural beauty obsessed, we think achieving that effortless glow should… Read more

5 ways to upcycle gift wrap

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5 Ways to Wrap Gifts Using Recycled and Scrap Materials

Ever heard of “turning trash into treasure”? Or better yet, “one person’s trash is another Beauty by Earth babe’s treasure”? Ok, we might have remixed that last one, but you get it! Around here, we love finding ways to upcycle and do our part in protecting this beautiful planet of ours. And of course, we… Read more

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020- By Price Point!

We are not here to burst anyone’s bubble or add any pressure to your already hectic life. But guys – Christmas is less than a month away! And while we’d love to forget *some* aspects of this crazy year that’s gone by so quickly, we can’t let you forget about all the special people in… Read more

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