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Self Tanner

Self Tanner: Before & After

A fresh tube of mascara, puppies, long summer nights, and a glowing tan: these are just a few of our favorite things. If you haven’t heard of our coveted vegan self tanner, girl where have you been? We’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted to know about self-tanning, right here. But in this little post, we… Read more

Clean Beauty Talk

Face Oil or Moisturizer First?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably know all about face oil. This highly coveted product has taken off as one of the most popular ways of making your skin glow. From exceptional hydration to anti-aging properties, this additional step in your skincare routine is so worth it. So how does this… Read more

Hair Care

Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Healthy

Shiny, healthy hair is at the top of most of our wish lists… along with winning the lottery and 0-calorie cake. The good news is though, that your odds of maintaining beautiful locks are much higher than hitting it big with the Powerball. Forget all of what you think you know about getting an enviable… Read more

BBE Central

Daylight Savings Time

“Fall back, Spring forward”. Isn’t that what they say about daylight savings time? Or more commonly, isn’t it best known as “that time change thing where you either lose or gain an hour of sleep”? Ok ok, we hear that. And while we know you’d rather lounge in bed for that extra hour of shuteye,… Read more

How to Spring Clean Your Vanity Cabinet


How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Cabinet

Our vanities tend to house a ton of products that can end up not only collecting dust but also not being so great for our health. If you want the lowdown on how to Spring-clean your beauty cabinet this year, keep reading gorgeous.

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