DIY Recipes

DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe with Aloe

This DIY Hand Sanitizer recipe by Better Shea Butter is just as effective as the pre-bottled stuff, while only using a couple of ingredients and the natural antiviral, antibacterial power of aloe.

What to Watch During Home Quarantine

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What to Watch During Your Coronavirus Home Quarantine

You may be stuck at home because of COVID-19, but you don’t have to be miserable! Be sure to set aside some time to decompress in the company of these beauty-related movies, TV shows, and more.

Detox & Nourish

Benefits of Jade Rolling

To quote the song, they see us rollin’. But why exactly are we rolling? To boost our complexions, of course! Don’t just take our word for it, though. This beauty technique has been around since ancient China. It’s no secret—jade rolling is incredible for your face, delivering a number of benefits on top of feeling amazing. You’ll find it’s super easy to incorporate, too, despite its spa-like airs.

How to detox


This NOT That: Detox Better

Unfortunately, most “detoxes” can be clouded in misinformation, leading to dangerous dieting, frustration, and more. Discover the legitimate changes you can make to cleanse your body for the better.

Beauty by Earth International Women's Day

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How to Show Support on International Women’s Day

Hear the “why” behind Beauty by Earth and discover the complexities of running a natural beauty company, from crafting formulas to selecting high-quality, natural ingredients.

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