Cruelty-Free Skin Care: What You Need to Know

Cruelty-free skin care is a big part of being a responsible consumer. If you care about the impact your choices make on the world, it’s a topic that  simply can’t be ignored.  Most people know that some products are tested on animals, while others are not. But cruelty-free skin care goes far deeper than that. […]

Holiday Gift Sets 2018 – Your Gift Giving Guide

Holiday gift shopping? I’ve got you. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your best friend or need something to bring to a workplace secret santa: everyone loves a gift set. What’s more, everyone loves a holiday gift set full of indulgent body and face care products. It’s tough to go wrong with anything that […]

A Guide To Natural Skin Care Expiration Dates

How often do you think about skin care expiration dates? If your answer was “never”, join the club. It’s not really something that crosses most people’s minds, but it should. Both natural and conventional skin care products expire. Understanding how this process works helps ensure you get the most out of every product you use. […]

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Face and Skin

Aloe vera for face and skin has so many benefits that it is a MUST for your skincare routine. I’ll admit that before I started researching natural skin care, the only thing I used aloe vera for was treating sunburns. But once I realized how many uses this amazing plant has, I find myself using […]