Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally

Here Are Some Smart, Easy Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes Naturally Let’s get real: most of us don’t clean our makeup brushes as frequently as we should. But even though it might seem like such a tedious chore, it’s important that makeup brushes are kept clean and to clean makeup brushes naturally, using non-toxic products. […]

The Best Natural Skincare That Wins Customers

The Best Natural Skincare in Texas nomination goes to… Beauty by Earth is so excited to announce their nomination for Best Natural Skincare in Texas by The Official Best Of. The Official Best Of, a travel series that researches and showcases the best local attractions and businesses across the United States, included Beauty by Earth […]

Five Reasons You Need The Best Tinted Facial Sunscreen

I’ve added something new to my skincare routine: Beauty by Earth’s tinted sunscreen with zinc oxide. After just a few weeks of use I can tell that it’s a keeper. If you’re not wearing a daily facial sunscreen, you should be. There are plenty of reasons why it’s important to find an effective, non-toxic facial […]