Argan Oil As A Makeup Remover

Argan Oil As A Makeup Remover

One of the little known ways to use Argan Oil as a makeup remover, yet this is one of the most incredible features of this product.

Argan Oil is extremely gentle and does not sting or burn your face like other chemical makeup removers. In fact, it is so tender that it won’t burn your eyes even if it comes into direct contact with them.

In this Argan Oil video tutorial we’ll go over  how to apply Beauty by Earth’s Organic Argan Oil as a face and eye makeup remover; and by the end you’ll be able to use it like a pro.

To remove make up with Argan Oil, simply take a few drops on your hands and apply it all over your face and eyes. Then take a dry towel or tissue and wipe it off.

Voila! It works like magic and the makeup comes right off!

Argan Oil is also works as the perfect facial moisturizer after you have taken off the makeup by simply rubbing any excess oil on your face straight in. You will be amazed at how Argan Oil absorbs into the skin leaving no oily or greasy residue.

Here’s another tip for a fantastic Argan Oil application that is on temporary tattoos, even those on the skin of a child – Argan Oil is that gentle. Apply the same way you would to remove makeup and watch those tattoos disappear with zero effort!

So lets recap: Argan Oil is not only 100% effective as a makeup remover; but it also moisturizes your face at the same time, all while being free of toxic chemicals and carcinogens that have become commonplace in a majority of the makeup removers on the market today.

What’s not to love? Its like having your cake and eating it to! 🙂

Inspire Beauty, naturally! 

Beauty by Earth

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