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Is your sunscreen really safe? Or are you using toxic sunscreen?


  1. Hi! I was just curious, which sunscreens currently contain or contained PABA? I know that Canada has completely made it “illegal” but I’m curious to know if any other countries still allow PABA in their sunscreens…

    1. Great question Keisha,
      None of our sunscreens have or will ever contain PABA. thank you for asking! I’m not sure about which sunscreens do contain it, but you can search for that ingredient on the EWG’s website and they should give you a lot of great info to help you find an answer!

  2. You act like everyone can just use a zinc sunscreen when I literally have a zinc allergy and my skin erupts in hives, cystic and smaller pimples, and painful redness disrupting my skin barrier whenever it touches me.

    1. Hi Rachel, that’s a really good point. ANY sunscreen is better than no sunscreen. And if you have an allergy to an ingredient, you definitely want to avoid it. Sorry that we didn’t point that out, but thank you for bringing it to our attention. We love ya, Rachel!

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