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Is your sunscreen really safe? Or are you using toxic sunscreen?


  1. I’m extremely sensitive to any zinc in skin products, and also care about our ocean reefs over here in australia, so other than sun bum (which is safe for reef life and has no zinc), what other brands could you suggest? As mentioned, zinc or titanium dioxide have to be active ingredients, but I’ve never seen any brand not have zinc and also be safe for reef life other than sun bum.

    1. Sun Bum has different sunscreen products, they have chemical sunscreens as well as physical mineral based sunscreens, so I am not sure which you are referring to. I do not know of any chemical sunscreens that are safe for the reefs.

  2. Not many sunscreen sprays are good for you or the environment; the usual sunscreen ingredients for aerosol spray is limited, and mostly not good for you. Don’t wait on the FDA to make a decision on this subject too. Easier to find the right ingredients in sunscreen creams. Add cocoa butter to help distribute sunscreen better, less white blotches!

  3. Very informative. Thanks. Didn’t see Aveeno Sensitive Baby mentioned. It says 100% zinc oxide mineral sunscreen and goes on “white”. Do you think it’s a good one?

  4. Babyganics has an spf30 that only contains zinc and titanium oxide. I think they have reformulated. The spf50 however is a mineral and chemical sunscreen.

  5. Sun Bum’s website says they don’t use oxybenzone (perhaps reformulated after the time of this review), and when I went on vacation, the island touted them as reef safe (aka oxybenzone-free). Just wanted to throw it out there! That said, I do prefer physical SPF, although, sadly, chemical is a focus of many brands out there.

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thanks for your comment. I guess they may have reformulated. I just checked the EWG’s site and they are rating Sun Bum a 5 (0 is best and 10 is worst). It looks like they are using octinoxiate in most of their sunscreens. This is a chemical sunscreen. However it does look like they came out with a mineral sunscreen line. It is definitely better than their traditional sunscreen. It still has some questionable ingredients in it, but is a vast improvement. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    1. Hi Erin, Thanks for the question. Pacifica is a brand we haven’t looked into fully. We just did a quick look on the Environmental Working Group’s site and found this:

      It is best to research the individual ingredients that you can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are. I see that they also do the aerosol sunscreens and those are pretty toxic no matter what you do because it is easy to breathe it in.

      I hope this helps.

  6. These natural sunscreens you found desirable are so expensive, most of us cannot afford them. It seems time to pressure other companies to get on the bandwagon to make sunscreen affordable. They say the DIY ones are not reliable, and not approved. Look at the ones that some organization approved, and they were hot sellers. What is a body to do?

    1. Hi Patricia, I understand your concern. We recommend using sunscreens that are natural and affordable. For example Beauty by Earth sunscreen is definitely affordable. Thanks!

    2. At $4 an ounce compared to $1 an ounce, I think that is the obvious price issue. When you have a big family or a low budget it is a stretch to spend 4 times the amount. To reduce sunscreen use, planning to use it for the face and cover the rest of the body more works. I feel safety is the out weigh here, and sun hats, clothing cover is another important measure we can all take to avoid poisoning ourselves with chemicals and nano particles. Thanks for providing safe products. Even if it is used sparingly, it sure beats living with the long term effects of toxicity.

    1. Yes, some of it is definitely nano. We no longer use any titanium dioxide in our sunscreens. We use non-nano zinc oxide only.

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