Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare


15 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products


    1. Yes, Petroleum is totally something you want to avoid. It’s made from crude oil (think auto maintenance) which is NOT something I’d like on my skin, personally.

  1. Hi! Can you link the articles where the research has been done on these harmful ingredients? I couldn’t find any publications or journals backing these claims.

    1. Erica, that’s a great point. We’ll be adding them shortly. Check back in two weeks, please, and you’ll see the updates! In the meantime, search any of these ingredients on the Environmental Working Group’s website for detailed studies and scientific journals.

    1. Hi Helga, Im sorry to hear that you are allergic. Here are some other names for it:

      Botanical Name: Myroxylon pereirae
      INCI Name: Myroxylon balsamum pereirae balsam oil

    1. Hi Borna, There are several out there. Beauty by Earth is one for sure – you can shop right here on the website. There are others out there too and it depends on what you are looking for.


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